Tech Tip Tuesday: How to Correct Account Numbers and Get Help Faster

Eddie Sempek

Eddie Sempek | September 18, 2018

Today’s Tech Tip Tuesday is a two-for-one. After reading today’s post, you’ll have all the information you need to find helpful articles faster, and take care of certain account maintenance updates yourself.

Let’s dive in!

Tech Tip 1: Correcting an Incorrect or Missing Account Number

When creating a new account, an incorrect account number may sometimes be inadvertently entered. Other times, an account number may not be added at all, if the account record is created in Orion before the custodian assigns a number.

In order for data to sync correctly from your daily feeds, it’s critical for the account number to be corrected. Anyone that has “Role Privilege” can make edit accounts can make an account number change.

How To Access This Feature

Once an account has been created:

  1. Navigate to the Portfolio Audit app and go to the Accounts level to locate the account you need to correct.
  2. Once the account is located, simply right click on the account and then click Assets.
  3. No assets will show, as no assets have been added to the account as of yet.
  4. At this point, click on the Actions dropdown menu and select New AssetThis will bring up a new window shown below:
  5. In this screen, an asset will need to be added. In our example we select an asset called Performance, enter Normal Downloading for the Status, and then enter the correct account number on the right of the screen. Then click Save.

Now the account number has been updated!

Note: Account numbers cannot be changed by simply selecting “Edit Account” within the Portfolio Audit App. The steps outlined in this article are the only correct method.

Tech Tip 2: Quick Search for Orion Help Articles

We released an enhancement to the main search box in Orion Connect that lets you search for any help articles posted in the Group pages in Orion Social. With these new steps, you can save time when looking up articles—you no longer need to leave Orion Connect to access training material!

How To Access This Feature

  1. Click on the Settings dropdown to the right of the search box in Orion Connect and ensure “Help Articles” is selected.
  2. Next, search for your training topic! The results will be categorized as “Help:”
  3. The article will open in a new window after you select it. Additional related articles will appear on the right side of the screen.

The functionality covered in Tech Tip Tuesday is available and ready to use right now in Orion Connect. If you want more training about the apps and tools covered in this article, log into Orion Social to access our full knowledge base, and use the Ascent app for online, on-demand training resources.

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Eddie Sempek

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Eddie Sempek serves as Orion's Chief Innovation Officer. He has worked in several roles at Orion and now oversees the team of tech consultants. He enjoys helping firms in their strategic planning and implementation of technology.

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